Welcome to our class page where you can see and read about our work this year.

Welcome to Reception

What a wonderful start to school life! Reception have settled into their new school routine extremely well. They are having lots of fun exploring their new learning environment as they make new friends in Reception. 

Our First PE Lesson!


Our Reception witches and wizards enjoyed their very first PE lesson at Maidensbridge. They climbed on their magic brooms and travelled around the playground in different ways as they waited for the spell to make them freeze! 





There's Only One You!


Reception have enjoyed reading 'There's Only One You' and thinking about the special messages within the story. As part of our 'All About Me' theme, the children have been busy thinking about about things that make us the same and things that make us different. We painted self portraits to celebrate being unique and had fun changing our appearances with dressing up accessories. Reception have learnt that we are all special and unique.


Reception had lots of fun with the Funnybones characters before half term. They thought of lots of fantastic ideas of things to do at night-time and enjoyed asking the characters in the Hot Seat questions. The Funnybones Town that was constructed from blocks by the children was an imaginative scene for storytelling as they re-enacted the story with puppets that they had made.

Cutting and joining skills were challenged as the children made moving dog skeletons and skeleton collages. The children enjoyed learning about bones and skeletons with the help of the skeleton dance.

The children demonstrated our school values as they cared for toy patients during their shifts at Maidensbridge Hospital. A few of the patients needed x-rays too. They were in safe hands with our thoughtful nurses and doctors.




Reception celebrated the Hindu Festival of Light with the story of Rama and Sita and themed Bhangra dancing. After preparing the home corner for a celebration, the children created rangoli patterns, made diva lamp models and sent greetings cards to their loved ones. Some bridges were constructed from Duplo to help the story characters to get home and the children persevered with the cogs and wheels to make the monkey's move.

Maidensbridge Bonfire Celebration


Reception celebrated Bonfire Night with colour splatter painting and the creation of rocket models. We learnt a lovely poem and played percussion instruments as we sang our firework songs.

The children enjoyed watching our school bonfire being built and worked as a team to create a Guy.

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